Red Candy Tone

Red Candy Tone Color Paint, Best for Vehicles

Red Candy Tone is a very unique color compared to other colors. Because this color looks bright and wet. Especially when this color is applied to car paint. Because one of the most striking aspects of a vehicle is its exterior color.

A car is not only a means of transportation, but also a source of pride and expression of the owner’s hobby. Especially the choice of color, which is the characteristic of a vehicle.

The red color has appeared a lot and has become one of the most popular choices for every car manufacturer. There are various types of red, there is a very special type of red, namely red candy tone. This red color exudes a depth and clarity of color that is very pleasing to the eye.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at the uniqueness and beauty of candy red. Especially in vehicles, both cars and motorbikes. Application process, reasons and treatment.

Red Candy Tone on Vehicle

So that you better understand why the candy red color on cars and motorbikes is so luxurious, let’s start with the history of this color.

We all understand that the color red on cars and motorbikes is not a new concept. This color has long been applied in several automotive industries. However, the type of candy is a special variant that determines whether the vehicle is expensive or not.

1. History of the Red Color in Cars

At the beginning of the 20th century, the choice of car colors at automotive manufacturers was very limited. Cars and motorbikes often have standard basic colors, such as black, white, green and grey.

Entering the 1950s, bolder colors began to appear, including red. Moreover, a sports car variant has emerged which has a different appearance. So they often give red color to sports class cars which seem bold.

The presence of the candy red concept on vehicles began to appear around the 1970s to 1980s. This era is an era of increasingly advanced technology, including vehicle painting technology. This allows car manufacturers to apply paint that has unique effects.

2. Candy Red Application Process

The factor that makes the candy tone red color so special is the difficult paint application process. This requires high skill to be successful perfectly. Because this paint has a transparent character which makes it at risk of streaking if it is not flat.

a. Base Layer

Initially the paint practitioner coats it with a base paint which is often white, silver, pink or light brown. This layer determines a clean and even reflection of the base color. Sometimes mixing base paint with black to give a dark red impression like red candy soul.

There is no need for sanding on the base paint layer, because determining the texture of the transparent paint will reveal the texture of the base paint.

b. Candy Red Coating

The second layer is a candy tone red color. This is the part that requires an even spray of paint and the same number of layers for each area of ​​paint.

These paint colors often have clear pigment characteristics so that the base paint particles can still be seen. This requires practitioner skill in determining the number of layers of candy paint.

c. Transparent Protective Layer

To protect it from dirt and scratches, a clear coat layer is very necessary. Especially to maintain the shine and overall durability of the paint.

At this stage the practitioner applies clear coat or clear paint evenly to each part of the paint area. This process requires consistent air compressor pressure and clean air to avoid dust.

If the painting process is done correctly, the final result of candy paint is very charming and makes the heart tremble. This can be a differentiator from vehicle paint colors in general

Reasons for Choosing Candy Red

Candy tone red on cars or motorbikes has become very popular, which is one of the reasons for choosing this color. And below there are further reasons you can consider.

1. Wet Visual Effects

Basically, this color has a wet character and looks like glass. You can imagine the attraction of the candy effect attached to your vehicle, making many eyes glance at your vehicle.

2. Luxurious colors

This color is often found on cars of the highest type, and this is proven by the price of painting which tends to be expensive. Apart from the difficulty of application, the raw materials cost more and are more expensive than ordinary paint.

3. Unique and Characteristic

Choosing this color can strengthen the character of your car or motorbike. Usually luxury, unique and contest vehicles choose this candy tone color.

As a color that is rarely found on other public vehicles, you can be unique among thousands of other vehicles on the road. This supports the vehicle owner’s self-confidence.

Candy Red Color Treatment for Cars

Even though the candy tone red color is very attractive, you still need to take care of it. Moreover, you have to maximize your care for this color. Here are some maintenance tips so that the paint is durable and long-lasting.

1. Gentle Car Wash

You can use a gentle car washing method, use special foam to wash the car, but first flush the dirt until it is completely clean and wet. Use car shampoo to maintain the shine of the paint.

2. Avoid excessive sun exposure

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight without running the vehicle. Heat accumulated on the paint surface can reduce the durability of the paint and over time it will look dull. You will need to re-polish if blurring occurs

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3. Check and Remove Scratches Immediately

If you see scratches or open paint, immediately have it checked and treated at your trusted paint shop. Quick and appropriate action can prevent more serious damage such as rust or extensive peeling of paint.

4. Periodic Maintenance

What we mean by regular maintenance is polishing to avoid mold, coating with nano coating so that the paint is thicker and avoids small scratches. This method can extend the life of your vehicle’s paint.


Red candy tone on cars and motorbikes is a special color choice. You can consider its advantages and maintenance. That way your choice can be more appropriate to your character.

The specialty of this color makes it increasingly popular, from car manufacturers to custom car fans who deliberately paint this candy red color on their cars. So you can see their work at car shows.

If you want a color that is unique and different from most other vehicles, consider painting this candy tone color. And choose a paint workshop that is professional and guaranteed.